The Lighthouse

A solar powered table lamp and night light

As renewable energy sources become more necessary both throughout the home and across society, the lighthouse acts as a functional reminder of this change in thinking.

Lighthouse is a self contained, solar powered table lamp and night light, designed by Architect,  Designer and Artist, Paul Fairweather.

The design is simple and evokes the archetypal image of a house, however the lamp element becomes sculptural when in the charging position.  

Turning the way you use solar on its head. 

Hand crafted
in Brisbane

The Lighthouse is hand crafted in Brisbane, by master architectural model makers Model Consultants International. Using precise laser cutting combined with hand finishing and assembly, each piece is a work of art. 

Model Consultants have evolved over a decades. Founded in 1962 by Virgil Hodgkinson, the business is still family owned and operated. 


How does it work?

1. Lighthouse will turn on when placed the right way up on any flat level surface.

2. To turn off and charge, simply flip Lighthouse on to it's roof and aim at the sun.

3. Placing the timber shade over the light will dim the output and turn it into a nightlight. Removing it will make it brighter.


A lasting relationship with design

Paul Fairweather has a long and celebrated career in architecture and design conversation. The Lighthouse is a manifestation of this conversation around light, space, texture and proportion. He has been involved in the design of building and furniture for over 30 years. He is also an artist at heart and has been exhibiting in and around Australia for the last 20 years. The lighthouse represents the coming together of those various interests, creating a tiny piece of architecture that is also an object of art. 

"a soft, calming glow and incredible workmanship"

— Ben Breitenstein, Designer