Watercolour on Paper  No 150



Zeisel the Day.

This little espresso cup is the last remaining piece from a set my mother gave me . It is from a German company Schramberger Majolikafabrik, originally founded in 1820 by Isidor Faist who partnered with the fabulously named Baron Ferdinand von Uechtritz. The company was bought by Villeroy & Boch in 1883, then bought by the Jewish brothers Moritz and Leopold Meyer in 1912. Many artists designed for them, the most famous being the Hungarian artist Eva Zeisel, who produced many pieces, including this series in the 1930’s .
The brothers were forced to sell in 1938 when they fled to England , but was purchased back in 1948 by Moritz son Peter, closing after it declined following his death in 1980 .
Until today I never know it’s history. I always thought it a quaint little cup , but it’s history never occurred to me. Hopefully mum will be able to fill me in on the origin of it tomorrow .
But as my German. Friends say. Zeisel the day! -


140 x 190 mm 


Zeisel the Day.